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The nation's largest franchisee of McAlister's Deli needed an update

Since 1982 the Saxton Group has been a leader in the restaurant franchisee space. Their southern hospitality, and hunger for excellence has led  them to open over 80 McAliter's Delis across the mid-west. Impressive, but they weren't stopping there. With their one billionth dollar milestone around the corner,  it was time to overhaul the brand in celebration of their success.

The update started by understanding the their multiple audiences. They needed to meet their growing demand to recruit potential employees, partner with vendors, and increase their shareholder base. A new identity system was created that captured the professional yet warm environment they were known for. A new website was built to meet recruiting needs, along with 2 video marking the milestone and sharing the story of their rich history. 


  • Logo Design
  • Tagline
  • Stationery
  • Style Guide
  • Animated Explainer Video
  • Company Overview Video
  • Website
  • Development by Fastback Digital.
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The Saxton Group cares about 1 thing: being the best. They want to hire the best people, work with the best vendors, and serve the best food. This hunger (see what we did there) drove them to need an identity that matched their image of excellence, but was still friendly. We landed on a logo that was clean, yet warm. We did a photoshoot that mixed authentic candid imagery with confident portraits. A pattern was introduced to bring some life into an otherwise corporate environment. All of these elements married together perfectly to portray the excellence they are known for.

TSG Stationery
Saxton Imagery

Website Design

The new brand was carried consistently into a new website experience. The website revolved around building relationships, and was targeted at recruiting new employees, and connecting with potential investors and vendors. Users can find locations of restaurants, see the latest news, or reach out and apply for a new career.

Video Creation

To launch the new brand, 2 videos were created. The first was a live action, interview style video (seen above) that told the story on the company through it's founder, management, and employees. The second video (seen below) used animated graphics to represent the statistics of how the company has grown over the years. 

Saxton Website Homepage