Jarrett Johnston

The Realest Co.

Identity | Messaging | Packaging

Elevating the Protein Bar

The market is flooded with “healthy” bars who claim to be good for you. The reality is, most of them are full of chemicals that most of us can’t even pronounce. The Realest Co set out to change that. They wanted their customers to know exactly what they were eating, so each of their bars is made using only 6 healthy ingredients.

The identity needed to speak to a more sophisticated audience, and not your typical gym rat in spandex. The audience is primarily millennial, urban, females who wanted a healthy bar on the way to their fitness class. The look and feel captures that modern lifestyle, and restrains the typically noisy packaging on the shelves.

Project Included

  • Logo Design
  • Tagline
  • Packaging
  • Content Creation

Packaging Design

The shelves at the local grocery store are full of obnoxious colors and confusing messaging. Messaging that claims one thing, and delivers another. We wanted to change that by displaying a clean look that featured only the essential information — breaking thought the clutter, and offering a more transparent list of the products key benefits.