Jarrett Johnston

Man & Myth

Brand Strategy | Identity | Packaging | Messaging | Shopify Website | Art Direction

Provoke Pursuit

Transformative men's products that prepare the self to conquer the unknown.

The challenge was to create and launch Fort Worth based Man & Myth in a way that defied a formulaic, saturated sector. While the personal care industry is flooded with brands that focus on ingredients, we focused on a deeper story. We demonstrated that story visually by bringing together mysterious black-on-black print techniques, moody product photography, and rock-and-roll inspired typography. It is all at once refined and untamed. Mysterious yet familiar. Mature yet spirited.

Within every man burns two competing forces — the person and the pursuer. The person holds onto the ordinary, the conventional, the comfort of their childhood. The pursuer is captivated by the grandeur of what’s out there. They are unafraid, powerful, and instinctual. This is the person chosen, not that which was born.


  • Brand Strategy

  • Identity Design

  • Packaging Design

  • Messaging

  • Shopify Website

  • Art Direction

looie_jarrett johnston design.jpg
The look and feel, direction, concept, all of it is outstanding! When I show the brand to anyone its like WOW! I have no doubt I partnered with the right person for this project.
— Jay, Founder

Packaging Design

To bring an element of mystery to the products, we utilized a shadow-like black-on-black print technique. Throwing caution to the wind, the results are a label that draws you in closer to discover what it is. The design is bold, elegant, and distinctly male.


Shopify Website

An ecommerce store was built on Shopify to promote the products, tell the story, and share blogs.


*Product photography by Image Alive Studios.