Jarrett Johnston



Jarrett Johnston is an Award Winning Art Director & Designer From the Great State of Texas.

Fueled by great music and Coca-Cola, he creates joy-filled work for a wide range of clients such as Interstate Batteries, Phillips 66, Passion Conferences, TGIFridays and more. Jarrett has worked for numerous in-house departments, small studios and big agencies, and is currently an independent designer living in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  He lives with his beautiful wife & daughter, is a faithful Christian and spends the weekends hitting the local music scene, trying a new restaurant, or screen printing in his garage.


  • Numerous Gold and Silver Addy Awards including Best of Show and national finalist.

  • Published on design blogs like FPO and Abduzeedo.

  • Published in LogoLounge: Volumes 8, 9 & 10.

  • Dallas Society of Visual Communication Interactive Award Winner

  • Featured on mylogowave.com




A 360º approach driven by intention.

Brand Strategy & Position

To know who you are as a brand, you have to know who you’re not. We will research your audience, learn their needs and how you meet those needs, then position you strategically to win them over.

Visual Identity

From iconic logo design to complex visual identity systems, we will craft an identity that not only looks stunning, but resonates with your audience, and cuts through the noise.


We create names that are deeply honest, and deeply meaningful — names that serve as a foundation for creating a compelling story for the brand.

Voice & Core Messaging

What you say and how you say it. We will define your unique brand voice and create messaging that clearly and concisely communicates it.

Web & Digital

We create beautiful website and digital experiences that connect with your audience and sell your products or services.

Content Creation

Animated videos, photoshoots, marketing collateral, custom illustration you name it. We can create all the marketing materials you need to fully realize your brand.



Guiding Principles

Not just marketing fluff.


Many promise it, few deliver. We are not in the business of cutting corners. We sweat the small stuff, and challenge our clients to fight for creative excellence in every print, post and project.

No Fluff

The marketing world is full of fluffy pitches, empty promises, and unclear expectations — none of that here. We are intentional about getting to the heart of the matter without a bunch of nonsense.

Yes means yes. No means no.

Our word matters. We say what we mean, and mean what we say. We believe direct, honest conversations lead to the best work, results and relationships.



I've had the privilege of working with some fine folks.

These are just a few of them.